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Fantom Robot Stretch Wrap Machine

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Fantom Robot Stretch Wrapping Machine 

Highlight’s Fantom Robot gives you the freedom to wrap loads anywhere in your facility without sacrificing consistency and film savings. The semi-automatic controls make wrapping varying sized loads simple and easy. The Fantom Robot’s mobile design allows it to be brought to unstable loads, preventing the need to move them unwrapped. The self-propelled load tracking design means that products of any weight, length, or width can be wrapped simply.

» Powered pre-stretch system provides greatly increased film savings and performance
» A portable stretch wrapper eliminates the need to move unstable loads
» Mobile design alleviates concerns for maximum product weight, length and width

 Control Panel Features

  • Touch Screen Controls to select Wrap Modes and more 
  • Start Button
  • Stop Button 
  • Battery Guage diplays battery level to show when to replace
  • Indicator Lights to show Power,CPU,and COM
  • Power ON/OFF
  • Emergency Stop
  • Reset Button
  • Controls are conveniently mounted on the side of the machine for easy access when wrapping loads

Fantom Robot Pallet Stretch Wrapper Machine Premium Features:

  • Battery Power: The on-board battery pack allows you to wrap 200 - 300 loads on a single charge, enough to run all day in most cases.
  • Select Stretch: The Fantom Robot’s Select Stretch feature is located on top of the carriage and allows the operator to quickly change the stretch percentage between 230% and 270%.
  • Auto Film Cut: Automatically cutting the film at the end of the wrap cycle improves productivity up to 30%.
  • Safety Bumper: An emergency stop is automatically triggered when the yellow safety bumper encounters an obstacle.

Fantom Robot Pallet Wrapper Specifications 

  • Pre-Stretch Gears - 230% and 270% Selectable
  • Battery Power - Approximately 200-300 Loads per Charge
  • Minimum Packaging Specifications - 24”x24”x10”, 100 Pounds
  • Wrapping Height - Up to 96”
  • Maximum Pallet Size & Weight - Unlimited
  • Operation Floor Clearance - 50” Clearance on all sides
  • Motor - All 24 VDC Control and Motor Power (from batteries)
  • Operating Controls –Touch Screen Operator Interface with PLC Controller
  • Electrical Requirements - 120 VAC, 60 Hz, Single-Phase, 12 Amp (for battery charger)
  • Robot Dimensions - 74”x49”x116”
  • Machine Weight - 930 Pounds

Add-On Options for Fantom Robot Stretch Wrap Machine

  1. Extended Wrap Height: This is a required option to allow for wrapping loads up to 110”.
  2. Advanced Infra-Red Sensor: An advanced infra-red sensor may be required to detect dark or shiny loads.
  3. Film Roping Fingers: Film Fingers can reinforce the edges of the top and bottom of the film for greater strength, or to narrow the film width for applications that require ventilation. Adjustable fingers mount on a sliding bracket affixed to the carriage.
  4. 4 Battery Capacity Upgrade Upgrade: Fantom Robot to four (4) batteries capacity. Includes 2 additional batteries and the associated wiring. Allows for longer run time between charges. Increases loads per battery charge by 250-300 (depending on load configuration). Includes 4 bank charger mounted on the Robot or in a remote location. Allows for faster and more complete charging of the 4 battery option.

Product Videos

Robotic Stretch Wrapper - Highlight Industries' Fantom Robot Stretch Wrapper (02:37)
Discover the ease of self-propelled stretch film wrapping with the new Highlight Fantom Robot! Highlight's battery operated Fantom Robot is easy to use. Touch screen and other function controls are located at an easy-to-reach panel. Highlight's Select Stretch feature allows the operator to switch from 200 to 250% stretch in a jiffy. The Fantom Robot will wrap your load quickly. The full advantages of stretch wrap film applied to your load are a snap, using Highlight's Fantom Robot! Visit http://www.highlightindustries.com/ for more information!
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    Discover the ease of self-propelled stretch film wrapping with...

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