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Freedom 6512 Semi-Automatic Rotating Arm Stretch Wrap Machine

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Freedom 6512 Stretch Pallet Wrapper Machine 

The Freedom™ 6512 Semi Automatic Rotating Arm Stretch Pallet Wrapper is one of the most advanced rotation, arm fixed gear powered pre-stretch systems on the market today. It provides a constant pre-stretch level based on the gear set installed and comes standard with 200% fixed gears.

  1. FRAME CONSTRUCTION • Structural steel tubing support arm • 1/8” formed steel rotary arm • 14 gauge formed steel channel tower
  2. DRIVE SYSTEM • 3/4 HP AC rotary arm drive • 0–12 rpm variable speed • Soft start and soft stop
  3. ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS • Allen-Bradley MicroLogic 1200 PLC • Free-standing control panel • Standard: 120 VAC, 20 amps, single phase
  4. SAFETY FEATURES • Audible/visual warning signals • Object Sensor

Stretch Pallet Wrapper Freedom 6512 Benefits:

  • Load Stabilization  - stretch film holds loads together and reduces loosening during the vibration of shipment.  Stretch pallet wrappers can wrap product tighter and more consistent than by hand.
  • Reduction in Product Damage - stretch pallet wrappers keep loads stabilized, clean and dry, reducing product damage during shipment. 
  • Decreased Labor and Material Costs - reduces time and money spent hand wrapping pallets.  Stretch pallet wrappers work much quicker and use fewer resources due to stretching features. 
  • Reduction in Injuries - semi-automatic and automatic stretch pallet wrappers help reduce dizziness and back injuries caused by workers hand stretch wrapping product.


  • Free standing easy to use A/B Micrologix PLC.
  • Nema 12 Panel.
  • Speed is 20-30 loads per hour.
  • 200% Stretch Gears (other gear sets available).
  • Film saving Power Pre-Stretch.
  • 0 - 12 rpm swing arm speed.
  • Wrap pattern with adjustable wrap parameters.

Freedom 6512 Pallet Stretch Wrapper Specifications:

Production Capacity:
30-40 loads per hour
32" wide x 32" long x 20"h Minimum Load
48" wide x 48" long x 84"h Maximum Load

Film Delivery System:
200% Fixed-Gear Pre-Stretch
Other percentages available: 150%, 180%, & 250%
½ HP AC Power Pre-stretch® Motor
Infinite Film Force Adjustment
10" Diameter Roll Capacity
10" to 20" Roll Width Capacity

Top and Bottom Counters
Film Elevator Up/Down Selector
Auto/Banding Selector
Film Elevator Up/Down Spiral Speed Dial
Cycle Start/Ready
"Film Assist" Powered Film Feed
Cycle Interrupt or Pause
Swing Arm Jog/Home
"10 Turn" Film Force Adjustment Dial
Emergency Stop Push/Pull

Film Elevator:
Dual Belt Carriage Lift
Automatic Height Sensor
Adjustable Height Over-rides
Top and Bottom Wrap Counters
Variable Up / Down Control
3/4 HP AC Elevator Drive System

120 Volts 20 Amps
Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1200 PLC
JIC Standard
NEMA 12 Enclosures
TEFC Motors


Add-On Options for Freedom 6512 Stretch Wrap Machine

  1. Leg Set
  2. Larger Wrap Diagonal
  3. Additional Wrap Patterns
  4. Extended Wrap Height
  5. 12 - 20 rpm
  6. Auto Film Cut at Cycle End
  7. Platform Automatic Upgrade with Film Attach, Cut, Clamp & Wipedown.

Product Videos

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Highlight's Freedom 6512 is a semi-automatic rotary arm stretch wrap system. Rotating arm systems allow for wrapping unstable loads at high speeds without shifting the product.
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