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Highlight Magnum 2300 SD-U Uniform Side Drive Case Sealer

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Highlight Magnum 2300 SD-U Uniform Side Drive Case Sealer

The Magnum 2300 SD-U is an adjustable side drive case sealer designed to provide accurate, consistent tape application to uniform cases. The 2300 SD-U features dual side belt drives that grip the case along the bottom sides where the weight is concentrated and the case is the most firm. The side belt drives feature individual gear motors deliver positive case control and heavy duty performance. Dual masts with twin lead screws allow for quick and simple adjustment for different case sizes. The machine adjusts easily to handle cases from 4” to 20” wide, 5” to 20” tall, and 5” to unlimited length. The system is designed to operate at up to 30 cases per minute.

The Magnum 2300 SD-U is equipped with a pair of Magnum 200 series tape heads and will accept any 2 inch case tape, providing optimum case sealing to the top and bottom of the case. An optional 3 inch tape head, model 300, is also available and interchangeable with the model 200. Highlight Magnum tape heads are engineered to be the heaviest duty and most reliable tape heads in the industry. The user-friendly design allows for easy tape threading, fewer moving parts for minimal maintenance, and simple built-in adjustability for accommodating virtually any case type.

The Magnum 2300 SD-U comes standard with a powder coated steel frame, height-adjustable legs from 23 inches to 32 inches, locking casters, and adjustable top compression rollers to ensure the gap between top major flaps are closed completely. Also included are 16-inch long entry and exit conveyors with chromed steel rollers and smooth running precision plastic bearings for easy case movement and long life. Magnum 2300-SD-U uniform side drive system with:

  • 4”~20”W x 5”~20”H x 5”~Any”L Capacity
  • Two Magnum 200 series 2” tape heads
  • Top compression rollers to eliminate gaps in major flaps
  • Entry & exit conveyor with chromed steel rollers, 16” length x 25” width
  • Adjustable height legs for 23” ~ 32” pass height
  • Locking casters
  • 120V, 60 Hz, 8Amp Electrical 

Magnum 200/300 Tape Head Features

  • Easy tape threading via open side plate
  • Heavy duty steel side plates and components for strength and long life
  • Tape Width: 1.5 - 2 inches (200) and 3 inches (300) – interchangeable only on the side drive Highlight MAGNUM case tapers
  • Tape Roll Diameter: up to 16 inches maximum on a 3 inch diameter core
  • Tape Application Leg Length: adjustable from 1¾ inch to 2¾ inch
  • Operating Rate: conveyor speeds up to 125 feet per minute
  • Simply “drops in” to Magnum Carton sealers for easy loading
  • Retrofit tape head kits to upgrade other carton sealers
  • For use with all pressure-sensitive film box sealing tapes

Available Popular Options

Magnum 300 Series 3” Tape Head Upgrade, Pair
  • For extra security on heavy duty or large cartons
  • Changes Capacity 5”~20”W x 5”~20”H x 5”~Any”L
3-Flap Folding Device
  • Folds the front top three flaps as the operator pushes the box into the carton sealer
  • Reduces operator strain by reducing repetitive motions and increases case per minute output
Extended Side Drive Belts
  • Powers the case through 3 flap folding assembly making the fold flap folding action effortless for the operator
Spare Magnum 200 Series 2” Tape Head
  • Drop in replacement tape head eliminate down time for tape head maintenance
  • HLI # 760067 for 2” tape /(HLI # 760174 for 3” tape)
Spare Parts Kit for Magnum 2300 SD-U
  • Includes common preventative maintenance machine & tape head items such as belts, fuses, springs, blades, etc.
  • HLI # 700555 for 2” tape /(HLI # 700556 for 3” tape)
Heavy Duty Box Stand
  • Height adjustable to allow ergonomic access to case blanks for greater machine output
  • Adjustable platform holds up to 50 case blanks (32 ECT)
Heavy Duty Flexible Skate Wheel Conveyor
  • 18”W x 23”-31” Adjustable Height
  • Extends from 48” to 160” Length, bends around corners
  • Locking Casters
UL / cUL Electrical Upgrade Package
  • Electrical Controls upgraded & approved according to UL requirements
Sample Flexible Conveyor Image
Sample Box Stand Image
Highlight Magnum 2300 SD-U Uniform Side Drive Case Sealer Video
Highlight Magnum 2300 SD-U Uniform Side Drive Case Sealer Specs
  • Tape Head: Highlight’s model 200 series 2” tape head, pair
  • Case Min. Length: 5 inches
  • Case Max. Length: Unlimited
  • Case Min. Width: 4 inches
  • Case Max. Width: 20 inches
  • Case Min. Height: 5 inches
  • Case Max. Height: 20 inches
  • Case Min. Weight: 1 pounds
  • Case Max. Weight: 75 pounds
  • Tape Roll Diameter: Up to 16 inch roll on a 3 inch inside diameter core
  • Tape Roll Width: 2 inch standard with a 3 inch tape head optional
  • Electrical Power: 120 V, 6OHz, 8 Amps
  • Machine Operating Rate: Up to 30 boxes per minute depending on box length
  • Case Belt Speed: 75 feet per minute
  • Machine length: 68” Including Conveyors (36” without conveyors)
  • Machine Width: 34”
  • Machine Height: Adjustable height from 23 to 32 inches
  • Entry and Exit Conveyor: Chrome steel rollers, 25 inches wide, 16 inches long 
  • Machine Weight: 375 pounds on a pallet.

Magnum 2300 SD-U Case Sealer Tape Head

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