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Synergy Heavy Duty Low Profile Turntable

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Highlight Synergy Heavy Duty Low Profile Turntable part #788008

The Synergy Heavy Duty Low Profile Turntable’s over-engineered design allows for a maximized 5,000 pound capacity, and will stand up to decades of use stretch wrapping in an industrial environment. The Synergy Heavy Duty Low Profile Turntable can accept an optional ramp for easy loading with hand pallet jacks, and will reduce fatigue and increase productivity when wrapping your loads. Standard Features:

  • Steel Plate Construction
  • Optional Ramp
  • Easy Footswitch Operation
  • 57” Diameter Turntable
  • 5,000 Pound Capacity
  • 12 RPM Turntable
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Upgradable
  • Smooth Turntable Surface 

Synergy Heavy Duty low profile Turntable Options

  • Low Profile Turntable 57” Diameter Smooth top turntable allowing for easy loading with pallet jacks (when optional ramp is purchased) and fork trucks. 5,000 pound capacity belt drive with sealed for life bearings in a maintenance free design.
  • Standard Ramp: Allows for easy loading for hand pallet jacks.
  • Ramp Porch Extensions:Ramp porches are typically used when electric powered pallet movers load / unload the turntable, eliminating the leg (fork) of the mover from wedging under the pallet while descending down the ramp.
  • Scale Package: Incorporating four load cells into our sub-frame will allow the customer to weigh every load wrapped. This option includes a sub-frame, the load cells, and an indicator (mounted to the machine mast) with digital readout and connectivity to computer systems or printers via RS-232.
  • Scale Ramp: The increased height required to incorporate a scale sub-frame requires the ramp on low profile turntables to extend out further, allowing easier placement of the pallet to the higher elevation.
  • Push Button Stand: Replaces foot pedal operation.

Standard Synergy Heavy Duty LP Turntable Specifications:
Production Capacity:
  • 5-25 Loads per Hour
Turntable Specifications:
  • 57” Diameter
  • ¾ HP AC Drive System
  • Soft Start
  • Belt Driven
  • Adjustable Turntable Speed 0–12 RPM
  • 12 Cam Rollers with Center Bearing Support
Load Capacities:
  • 5000 Pound Capacity
  • 1-12 RPM
Operating Controls:
  • Footswitch Controlled
  • 3/8” Steel Plate
  • Accepts Synergy 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, or 3 Tower

Additional Documents:

Highlight Synergy Heavy Duty Low Profile Turntable Product Brochure

Synergy Heavy Duty Low Profile Turntable 788008 Specification

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