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The Eliminator Stretch Bundling System

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The Eliminator Stretch Wrap Machine 

The Highlight Eliminator is named for what it does best... it eliminates cost and obsolescence. The Eliminator is a truly innovative unitizing system, it eliminates the cost and additional inventory of master cartons, strapping, shrink, and costly motorized systems. Engineered for flexibility, the Eliminator is practical and easy to operate. It can stretch bundle packages  up to 24”x24”x24” and up to 70 pounds. Highlight designed the Eliminator to grow with your changing packaging requirements. Variations developed for your specific applications, such as increased packaging capacity, cylindrical or odd shaped objects, are easily incorporated to give you ultimate versatility.

  • Eliminate your costly packaging materials and save money with the use of stretch film
  • The Eliminator is perfect to use for warehouses, metal tubing, firewood, canned goods, electrical motors, auto parts, printing, book binding, and more
  • Apply a secure center wrap or apply a complete wrap for total package protection

Availability: Usually ships within 7 days

Eliminator Stretch Wrapper Standard Features and Specs:

  • Stretch Set™ - Highlight’s Stretch Set™ film saving system is standard on the Eliminator. Stretch Set™ allows you to control film stretch while providing uniform, repeatable wrapping results. Results that mean increased package strength and lower costs.
  • Unlimited Use - Internal packaging, combining multiple packages for shipment and environmental packaging are a few of the many ways you can use the Eliminator.
  • Customizable Options - Many options are available such as the custom cradle for bundling cylindrical products, a custom spool option, or a special base for portability are available to give you the perfect system for your packaging requirements.
  • Heavy Duty Design - Heavy duty steel construction ensure that the Eliminator will securely wrap your products for years.
  • Film Capacity - 10” to 15” or 18” to 20” Handwrap, depending on model
  • Width Capacity - 10” to 24” Wide Products
  • Length Capacity - Up to 24" Long
  • Height Capacity - 24" Tall
  • Weight Capacity - Up to 70 Pounds

Add-On Options for Eliminator Stretch Wrapper

  1. Options Optional Side Support Arms and Top Holder Arms
  2. Portable Stand - Support Legs

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